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Urgent Request for Help

As you may already know, Bolivia has been experiencing many changes and trying times lately. Following a recent presidential election, there have been protests and riots throughout the country. This has caused chaos and confusion, shutting down public transportation and making it unsafe for people to leave their homes. This has been directly affecting our loved ones at Hogar Maria Auxiliadora and Casa San Miguel. As of November 13, 2019, the Sisters and the girls have been unable to leave to buy food in 4 weeks. They have been using a small garden to supplement their food supply, and some police officers were able to bring a small amount of food for Hogar Maria Auxiliadora on November 9th. Hogar Maria Auxiliadora has not received their normal government funding due to the current situation. When they are finally able to go buy food, they will not have the adequate funding to buy food for all the girls relying on them. Schools have been shut down for this entire period as well. The girls at Casa San Miguel have not been able to get to work or make the necessary incomes they need to be able to support themselves. 


Due to this current situation that does not yet have a resolution date, we are asking you to consider making a one-time donation to either Hogar Maria Auxiliadora or Casa San Miguel. This will help pay the necessary day-to-day bills that are not being covered by the government at this time. It will also allow the Sisters to purchase food for the girls once they are able to leave and go into the city. You can follow the links at the top of this page to donate to either site. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at hdscasasm@gmail.com. 

The donation of food from some kind police officers. 

Mary Help of Christians Home (Hogar Maria Auxiliadora) is a home that provides protection and assistance to abandoned and orphaned girls from ages 2-17. 

St. Michael the Archangel Home (Casa San Miguel Arcangel) serves the past residents of Hogar Maria Auxiliadora who have now turned 18. It provides them a safe and loving home while they pursue their high school diploma and college education.

Hogar Maria Auxiliadora es un hogar que brinda protección y asistencia a niñas abandonadas y huérfanas de entre 2 y 17 años.

Casa San Miguel Arcángel sirve a las residentes anteriores del Hogar María Auxiliadora quienes ya han cumplido 18 años de edad. Les da un lugar seguro y cariñoso donde vivir mientras completan sus estudios secundarios y universitarios. 

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