Casa San Miguel Arcángel, located in Cochabamba, Bolivia,  serves former residents of Hogar María Auxiliadora who have aged out of the institution by Bolivian law. While staying here they have the opportunity to complete their high school diploma and continue on to university or technical degrees while living in a safe and supportive environment.  They hold part-time jobs to finance 50% of their education and living expenses, while the remaining 50% is provided by donor-funded scholarships. If you would like to support students preparing for the transition into independent adulthood at Casa San Miguel Arcángel, you can click here and select "Bolivia - Casa San Miguel (Cochabamba)”


Casa San Miguel Arcángel, ubicado en Cochabamba, Bolivia, sirve a las residentes del Hogar María Auxiliadora quienes, según la ley boliviana, deben salir de la institución al cumplir 18 años de edad.  Tienen la oportunidad de completar su diploma de escuela secundaria y continuar hacia títulos universitarios o técnicos mientras viven en un lugar seguro y cariñoso.  Financian el 50% de sus gastos a través del empleo a medio tiempo, mientras el 50% restante es provisto por becas financiadas por donantes. Si desean apoyar a las estudiantes que se preparan para la transición a la adultez independiente en la Casa San Miguel Arcángel, puede hacer clic aquí y seleccionar "Bolivia - Casa San Miguel (Cochabamba). 

Sponsors are key to the success of our students and enjoy regular updates from our students as they work towards their goals. Sponsors and students collaborate as partners, each contributing 50% towards the student’s annual budget. Sponsors contribute through one-time or monthly donations, while students are employed part-time at local businesses in the surrounding community.


These levels of sponsorship meet the following average needs for one student:


$15/month = medical and dental care

$25/month = clothing, hygiene, and other personal necessities

$30/month = groceries

$50/month = tuition, transportation, and school supplies


$120/month = full sponsorship - meeting a student’s total needs for the school year


Contributions are accepted at anytime. Students at Casa San Miguel are always in need of support in any amount. One-time and monthly donations are both deeply appreciated.  Every little bit helps!

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